Winter Driving – Operation Of The Car In The Winter, Or What To Buy Before The Frost?

Operation of the car in the winter for many of us is associated with certain difficulties. On some machines, in the morning, it is impossible to open the lock, the others freeze to the door seals car, and someone with great difficulty manage to remove accumulated frost from the glass. Even just to have a car in winter can be a daunting task. Is it possible to avoid all these troubles? Of course, but you need to stock up for the winter necessary things every car owner!

Funds for water displacement – Why do we need this money? As their name implies, to remove moisture, condensation of the vehicle systems, where its presence completely undesirable. A good representative of such means is a liquid WD-40, which is used by spraying the drug on the ignition system components (coils, wiring, and electrical contacts), threaded connections and door locks. Unfortunately cope with the ice already formed such a facility is not under force. Winter Driving Operation Of The Car In The Winter Or What To Buy Before The Frost

Washer fluid – Operation of the car in the winter involves the replacement of water in the barrel washer for a special winter washer fluid. This fluid is different from the water that not only does not freeze in the cold, but also is able to be removed from the windshield and wiper blades dirt and road salt. Such a huge amount of liquids on the market, there are plenty to choose. It is best suited for winter compositions based on isopropanol, because it lends liquid dirt repellent and therefore extends the life of the pump of a washer. Be careful, fake washing liquid is easy, so the market of fake formulations huge amount. Illegal liquid can even be made based on technical alcohol, which is a strong poison.

The wires for the “Booster” – if not all the measures taken have helped you and the car stubbornly refuses to be got from the native battery, you will have “a light” on the other machine. For this and require preformed leads. Because of the frost is quite possible destruction of the battery case, then it will have to be replaced by a new one.

If you are prepared in advance for winter, we stocked the necessary things not every car owner in the winter operation of the car will be painful for you, sometimes a daunting task. Have a nice road in the winter!

Watch this video to learn more safety tips for your winter driving:

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