Ways to lower your car insurance rate

We got used to buying car insurance regularly, but each auto owner wished it could be cheaper, though not everyone knows the ways to lower car insurance.

Let us look through the main ways that can save you a pretty penny on insurance:

  1. Try to shop around when choosing your auto insurance. You can receive a list of more reasonable prices for your premium and make the final choice then. The prices of insurance companies depend on the answers you give to the suggested questions and every company has its own list f them, so the prices vary greatly as well.
  2. A car from the lower insurance group will have a cheaper premium. Association of British Insurers splits up vehicles in 20 categories and the higher group rating your car has, the more expensive insurance you will have to purchase.
  3. Third party insurance is the cheapest, but you must be aware of the fact that it covers the damage expenses to the third party, but you will have to repair your car by yourself.
  4. Good credit history may be in handy to decrease your insurance price as well.
  5. Online purchase of the car insurance is more profitable as many companies offer good discounts and you do not have to pay for the agent’s time or transportation expenses. Ways to lower car insurance photo
  6. The higher voluntary excess you will prefer, the lower premium you will get. But in the event of the claim, be ready to pay a good amount yourself.
  7. The annual mileage of your vehicle is also important as if you do not exceed the amount of miles offered to you by the agent, your total premium price will be less.
  8. The fewer driving convictions you have, the less penalties by the insurance companies you get. Safe and clean driving record is a key to the affordable cost of your premium.
  9. No Claims Bonus is another factor invented by companies to attract the customers. If you drive safely and have No Claims Bonus every year, you can opt for huge discounts.
  10. Evaluate your vehicle in the realistic manner. One of the ways to lower car insurance is to give a realistic value of your car as no matter what sum you will say, the insurance company will not pay you more than your car worth.
  11. Additional drivers in your insurance will increase the cost of your premium.
  12. The security of your car must be taken into consideration as the better security you have, the bigger reduction you might ask for.
  13. The advanced driving test will not only improve your driving skills, but also make the car owner look more favorable for the insurance company.
  14. Marriage is an important element of stability for the companies and is capable of lowering your premium.

These are the main ways to lower car insurance without much effort and save good money.

Watch this video to find out more ways to lower your car insurance:

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