Titan car insurance – review and advantages of the company

The Titan, a leading discount car insurance company affiliated with the Nationwide, one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world.

With the Titan, you will get helpful customer service, local agents and a large auto insurance for just $ 1 a day. Titan also places high-risk drivers who may have had a few tickets, excess point at-fault accidents, DUI, are or teenager may have been a lapse in coverage.

Nationwide Group, including its subsidiary, the Titan, claims 3.85 percent of the private passenger auto insurance market as of June 2015, the most recent data on the analysis of the data AM Best. This makes it the eighth largest auto insurance company among the more than 1,400 monitored Best. Titan car insurance - review and advantages of the company

What would make Titan customers switch?

We have conducted a survey more than 4,000 auto insurance customers about how much they would have to save up to move from their insurance companies.

  • 3% of surveyed Titan customers say they would never switch auto insurance companies (average of 20 major companies: 10%)
  • 97% said they would switch if savings were $1,000 or more (average: 90%)
  • 94% would switch for savings of $500 or less (average: 83%)
  • 61% would switch for savings of $250 or less (average: 63%)
  • 11% would switch for savings of $100 or less (average: 30%)

Titan car insurance discounts

Offerings can vary by state. Some features may be optional.

  • Multiple-car discount: Save when you insure multiple cars with Titan.
  • Accident-free discount: Save on your premium when you stay accident free.
  • Good student discount: Savings is available to students who do well in school.
  • Association membership: If you or your spouse are active members of an organization recognized by Titan, you may be eligible for an insurance discount.
  • Traveling discount: This discount applies only to collision coverage and a vehicle that is individually owned by an employee whose employer is participating in an approved traffic mitigation program. Annual recertification is required.
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT): Paying your monthly auto insurance bill electronically could lower your premium.
  • Mature driver discount: Experienced drivers may qualify for discount auto insurance.

This is not all the discounts that the company of car insurance Titan can offer you!

Check this video for more information about Titan car insurance company:

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