Seattle Is Not The Friendliest Of Cities For Cars – See It Yourself!

Large bodies of water lie between you and wherever it is you would like to drive, forcing traffic onto two crowded bridges or north or south around Lake Washington. When you get there, parking is tight, if available at all. So, we can conclude that Seattle Is Not The Friendliest Of Cities For Cars.

However, you do not get a break on your car insurance bill for all the aggravation you tolerate. Seattle and his sister Tacoma Washington have expensive auto insurance rates. The same driver in the same car will pay 40 percent more than in untreated parts of Tacoma, than in suburban Redmond Washington car insurance. (The map below shows how the ZIP codes in Seattle and nearby cities stack up.)

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Maybe you University Ave. hipster looking for just enough coverage to drive legally – or millionaire Microsoft is trying to protect some meaty stock options. In any case, you get wildly different car insurance quotes depending on the company you contact. However, hey, that is why they call it shopping. Drivers in Seattle Zip code 98144 paying the highest average car insurance rate in the city $ 1407 a year, according to the survey rate of six major carriers. Nevertheless, the difference between the highest rate ($ 1746) for that ZIP and the lowest ($ 1,196) is $ 550. You can still save money on car insurance, even if you live in an area with high rates. You just need to compare car insurance quotes to find the best price.

Seattle Is Not The Friendliest Of Cities For Cars – Why buy your policy saves you money

Many factors influence the establishment of car insurance rates, and your location is chief among them. Company car insurance are looking at how many claims there are in your area and what is the cost when deciding what you pay for. In addition, each insurer calculates rates on its own, so that is why the same policy can have many different price tags. If you do not shop around to compare prices, you cannot save. To see how the other car insurance rates compare Seattle, use our tool above average rates. Enter your zip code and it will show the average speed, as well as the highest and the lowest, for your location.

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Here it is the highest in the middle of Seattle ($ 1,407) compared with the other:

  • $ 492 more than the least expensive average rate ($ 915) in Washington, Endicott Postcode 99125
  • $ 322 more than the state average ($ 1085)
  • $ 176 more than the national average ($ 1231)

Watch the video—>Myth#1 – Seattle Car Insurance Accident Claims Myths:

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