How To Replace The Wheel Of The Car On The Road?

Going on the road, we should be prepared for different eventualities. The most common of these include puncture. In this case, the punctured and deflated tire on the road needs to be replaced. Generally, unless absolutely necessary, do not change the wheels of the car too often, because of the frequent loosening and tightening them (usually without a torque wrench, i.e. without providing uniform tightening nuts) may occur deformation of the wheel rims. It is recommended to go up until the front wheels do not come close to the limit of wear. However, if the need to replace the wheel on the road all still there, the correct course of action should be as follows:

To replace the wheel you will need:

  • proper spare tire
  • jack
  • “Balloon” key
  • jacking stand (plate)
  • two wheel chocks (bar, wedge)
  • pump with pressure gauge
  • a pair of gloves

How to replace the wheel of the car on the road

To replace the wheel of a car, select the horizontal section of the road in a safe place. Do not change the wheels directly on the roadway, except in exceptional cases! When working on changing a wheel to observe basic safety rules!

Turn on the first gear; tighten the parking brake and the wheels on the opposite side of the vehicle wedges-stops. Wedges need to be sure to gently hammer hand in these; otherwise, they will not be very safe to protect the vehicle from moving. Then remove the spare tire, put it on the ground, and loosen the damaged wheel nut. Establish a jack under a slight angle on the jack stand. Stand jack increases contact area and prevents it recessed in soft ground.

Further, in order to replace the wheel of a car lift car jack, unscrew the nuts, remove the defective wheel, and put it on the ground. For convenience of removal of the wheel, in the last instance to be unscrew the nut (bolt) located in the upper part. Remove the wheel, hold and slightly raising his two hands at the bottom. Do not let your arms between the wheel and the road surface or the body of the car!

Now put the spare wheel, the key profit and tighten as much as possible nuts or bolts. First baits top nut (bolt) wheel bolt, and then everyone else. Tightening the screws (bolts) is performed clockwise.

Tightening the nuts (bolts) is performed strictly sequentially – “crosswise”! This is necessary for the alignment of the wheel.

Check the wheel chamber nipple on the absence of air leakage, then clockwise wrap dust cap.

As you can see, replace the wheel on the road is quite easy and quite capable of any driver.

Watch this video to see how to replace the wheel of the car on the road:

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