Monthly car insurance cost and benefits

Car insurance must be obtained by every driver as it is the law of every state. But far not all car owners wish to sign for long-term car insurance and they have various reasons for this. Modern companies suggest premiums for different periods of time and monthly car insurance belongs to the popular ones. This period is chosen by people, who borrow the car for some period of time because of different reasons (travels, repair etc.), and insurers are ready to provide them flexible insurance plans.

According to the statistics of the previous year the average cost of monthly car insurance was about $1,100 per year taking into account all US states, so it means that it is $92 per month. Some of them like Maine ask not more than $900, but there are states such as North Caroline, California and Nevada, where drivers should save a bit to be able to purchase the insurance as the number of claims and accidents there is bigger.

If you are looking for a monthly car insurance the price of which is reasonable, take into account some important factors that can influence the cost. The first one is your vehicle: there is much information on the Net that tells which cars are the cheapest to insure and why and you will be able to save a bit on the premium. The next factor is the driver’s age. Young people under 25 have to pay double for the premium because of little experience in driving and hot character. If you wish to buy monthly car insurance, it is more reasonable to ask your parents to add you to their plan, it will be cheaper. Monthly car insurance cost and benefits pic

The credit score of the driver is also vital for car insurance bough for one month as the higher credit score you have, the lower price for policy you will have to pay. The area you live can also influence the cost as prone to crashes areas require more expensive premiums.

There are some benefits of buying monthly car insurance. You do not have to pay a large sum of money at once, as when purchasing premiums for a month later you can increase it to 6 months or a year if you wish. This flexible schedule also provides you with an opportunity to “test” the insurer and coverage you have chosen. If it does not suit you, you can renew or change both of them in a month already.

Where to find cheap monthly auto insurance? The greatest low rates of such premiums are suggested online. Free quoting services allow people to find the cheapest insurer in several minutes. Moreover, you will get information about monthly costs for your vehicle insurance.

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