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No wonder they are singing the blues: Memphis got it bad when it comes to car insurance. Not only that, it has the highest rate of Tennessee, just crossing the river Arkansas or Mississippi state line can save you hundreds of dollars a year. (The map below shows how the ZIP codes in Memphis and around compare.) So, let’s get started with the Memphis Car Insurance Rates!

Among the 50 largest US cities, Memphis occupies number 42 in Walkability, according to Walk Score.

Locals say that all in Memphis can give you directions to their home, their work and their church – but cannot point you to Beale Street.

There is a good reason for the confusion. Surface streets change their names frequently and for no apparent reason. At one time, “Suicide band” Union Avenue to the opposite direction in the afternoon. Moreover, either way, which crosses the avenue in the city of Sumner, is the list of the most dangerous intersections.

Tennessee in general has a very large number of uninsured drivers, about 24 percent according to the Insurance Research Council. Some personal injury attorneys have estimated that in Memphis sections, the rate may be close to 50 percent.

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Why Memphis driving does not always make sense?

Two bridges cross the mighty Mississippi River in Memphis. However, if you referred to one as, say, “the bridge of Interstate 40” and the other as a “bridge of Interstate 55,” you would be met with a blank stare. You would further confuse Memphian, calling them by their names, “Hernando De Soto Bridge” and “Memphis-Arkansas Bridge.”

They are the “New Bridge” and “Old Bridge”, respectively.

Memphis car insurance requirements

Tennessee state law requires the following minimum car insurance coverage:

  • Minimum bodily injury liability – $25,000/$50,000
  • Minimum property damage liability – $15,000

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Memphis Car Insurance Rates – How to Find Affordable providers

When it comes time to buy your Memphis car insurance, you want to find a supplier who can offer you good discounts and price breaks. Some companies are able to give up their premium rates for some of their clients, and these kinds of savings can help you save a lot of money over time, that you are the owner of the car insurance. Look for vendors that offer discounts that correspond to the current situation. For example, if you are a good driver who has never received the tickets or accidents caused by, you should be able to get a great discount on your policy quotes.

When it comes to saving money on car insurance Memphis, trick just to be safe. If you are safe and never run into problems, your rates should remain low and affordable. Do your best to be cautious while on the road, and be ready with the right amount of coverage. Decide today to compare multiple quotes and companies, and to find the kind of protection that you can afford, and will leave you feeling confident when you head out on the roads of Tennessee.

So, that’s it – the list of Memphis Car Insurance Rates.

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