Evacuation From The Road: How To Order A Towing Vehicle?

No one, even made abroad, the car is safe from sudden failure. Often towing services only thing that can help the driver in this situation. The service is the evacuation of the car in Moscow is quite cheap, because in the city there is a lot of competition, which generally leads to a reduction in the cost for these services. In other regions of Russia, the situation may differ significantly from Moscow and Moscow Region. Type, weight and condition of the towed vehicle as the same may affect the price of the evacuation.

Usually, in the city providing towing takes no more than 30-40 minutes, although it depends on the company in which you are asked for help. If you have an accident, it is possible that the evacuation of the car falls under the insurance case. Ask if the car enters the evacuation of the insurance companies in the insurance and how long you will be able to get money for a tow truck. Usually, the payment of the insurance should not exceed 15-20 days. Evacuation From The Road How To Order A Towing Vehicle

Next, consider the fundamental aspects of the evacuation process, which is necessary for the transportation of emergency vehicle?

  • The beginning of the evacuation of the car is the moment of attachment to the platform by means of fasteners and special belts to ensure secure fixing of the vehicle on the platform.
  • To transport the emergency vehicle, the driver must be in possession of identification documents, as well as documents proving his ownership of the given vehicle.
  • Securing cars on the platform can be either full or partial. The type of hardware depends on the nature of the damage and vehicle type.
  • While fixing a vehicle with damaged suspension and powertrain, the vehicle is placed in such a way as to minimize the load on the damaged elements.
  • The evacuation of the affected vehicle can be performed without accompaniment owner. In this case, the power of attorney is drawn up, according to which the driver of the car company trusts its Recovery.

The approximate order a tow truck will be as follows:

“Hello! I need towing for the Ford Fiesta (it could be any car), the car after the accident in connection with which blocked the front right wheel. Evacuate the car should be from the Metro Victory Park (the location of your car), and deliver a service center Ford in Marino (the address of your service center). Please complete the order for the day. ”

Watch this video to learn more about how to order a towing vehicle:

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