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How to ensure the safety of your baby in the car? Comfort, convenience and safety of a newborn baby as an adult child for parents is always the first place. In a typical environment, almost all parents feel responsible for the health of their baby. Here, for example, in the automotive sense of responsibility ceases to travel much sharper and stronger. Moreover, no wonder. After all, there are rules that simply cannot be ignored.

The most basic rule in the car is a comfortable and safe stay baby. Children under 12 years should sit in a chair, located exclusively in the back seat of the car. This chair is capable to hold a child of any age in case of an accident as a small and at high speed. In the hands of parents to keep, the child will be simply impossible.

The main criterion when choosing a car seat – is the weight of the baby. According to the child’s weight, ranges are distinguished:

  • chair for babies;
  • Seat for children weighing more than 9 kg;
  • It seats for children weighing more than 15 kg. How to ensure the safety of your baby in the car Hits and Tips pic

There are universal models of seats, allowing an increase in weight of 5 kg. This factor helps to save money, but also greatly increase the life of the chair.

It should also take into account such an important factor as the verification and certification. This is a security product must have a certificate of quality and the result of testing by the manufacturer. Usually all car seats are installed on a special bracket Safety ISOFIX. In addition, there is always the possibility of their consolidation using seat belts.

As a rule, the choice of parents take the baby with him to the store, as fitting always allows you to choose the most convenient, comfortable and safe seat.

The presence on the product labeling information such as ECE 44/04 (44/03) indicates the European standard products, providing seat all-important functions, such as security systems, breathing material and orthopedic correct execution.

The car seat is installed only in accordance with the safety requirements for carrying infants necessarily located in the direction of vehicle movement back. To the child when the vehicle is not mischievous, and did not miss it you need to find an interesting and colorful toy.

Before you go shopping for car seats, are familiar with the existing varieties of chairs, the results of their testing by the manufacturer and customer testimonials about their safety.

Watch this video for more tips in safety of your baby in the car:

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