What is comprehensive car insurance?

Many people, who choose auto insurance for themselves, are always puzzled with number of its types. The insurance agent may suggest you dozens of coverage types, but it is impossible to evaluate all the suggested information within that short time, which you spend in the company. That is why many car owners get prepared at home and learn what type of insurance will suit exactly for them. One these examples is comprehensive car insurance and now we will see why it differs from others.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

It is a kind of insurance policy the aim of which is to protect your vehicle from force majeure circumstances. In general, one may say that it protects the car owner from unexpected and unpredictable situations. Insurers refer weather-related, animal, fire damages, thefts, vandalism and other similar mishaps to them. If you consider yourself a misfortunate person, comprehensive car insurance is definitely for you.

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What is comprehensive car insurance peculiarity?

First, it is worth mentioning presence of deductibles in the insurance policy. Deductibles state the amount of money the owner of the car is going pay from his own pocket if such situation happens. It must happen before the company will pick up the bill and this sum influences the cost of the premiums. The more you agree to pay, the cheaper premium you will get. In average, the deductible amount is $500. One more important consideration is the ability of insurance companies to exclude some damages from the force majeure list, so before signing the policy look through its fine print. One more popular misconception about comprehensive insurance policy is the fact that it covers any collision damage. It is far from being truthful. It can secure you only from expenses caused by the damage, if you collide with an animal, though no damage inflicted by you on others or medical bills will be paid by the insurance company.

What is comprehensive car insurance greatest benefit?

The cost of the comprehensive car insurance can be evaluated as relatively little compared to the cost of car replacement. The average annual cost of it is $134 (information provided by the Insurance Information Institute). So it is an indispensable insurance policy for people, who buy new or extremely expensive vehicles. Most of insurers offer this type of policy in combination with the collision coverage. And usually this insurance is obligatory for loaned or leased vehicles as the lienholders wish to secure their cars from everything.

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