Cheapest car for teenagers to insure

Safety for a young driver is the first point parents should keep in mind buying a new car for their teenager. How to choose safe and reliable vehicle without breaking the bank? This article will help to observe the most important factors to make a good choice.

To find cheapest car for teenager to insure is not easy without research, but safety for the vehicle is one of the main factors to have low premium for auto insurance. To insure the vehicle in lower price lets consider most important safety factors for the vehicle a young driver will use.

Cheapest car for teenagers to insure


1. Crush test

To find better vehicle you may consider Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ratings of car crush tests, which are conducted to know car ability to withstand different collisions. This research can help to find good car in the rating and know the most recommended choice.


2. Size

Generally bigger car gives more protection for inexperienced driver, so avoiding small cars or sport auto can really influence safety factor. From the other hand huge vehicle also is difficult to maneuver. So better choice is middle size car, that is not much vulnerable against collisions, and not too big for easily handling.


3. Key safety features

For all modern vehicles is a standard to have front and side airbags, and electronic stability control according to federal regulation.
Front and side airbags gives much more protection from injury incase of an accident, providing life-saving benefits.


4. Car monitoring

There are special technologies helping parents to monitor their young driver car, such as Ford’s MyKey and Hunday’s BlueLink.
MyKey program can help parents to put a limit on their child vehicle. Hunday’s Blue link can be used to control the location of the car.

Let’s consider the list of recommended models that show good results in car insurance industry safety tests:

• Ford Fusion
• Hyundai Sonata
• Peugeot Bipper & Partner Tepee
• Renault Twingo
• Subaru Impreza
• Skoda Citigo
• Nissan Rouge
• Toyota corolla
• Mazda 3
• Volkswagen Up!

Ford Fusion - Cheapest car for teenagers to insure

In most cases new car models provide more safety features and offer better car protection comparing with old ones. Young drivers need safety advantages much more than experienced matured driver. Is reasonable to buy the safest car your financial ability can afford.

Car insurance companies recognize the importance of car safety features, offering a Vehicle Safety Features discount. So using an equipped motor can really protect family budget and help to get cheapest car insurance for teen driver.

Watch this fun animated video made for the teens about the car insurance:

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