Waiting For Baby – Can Pregnant Women Drive A Car?

Every day on the road more and more cars and more and more women behind the wheel. Moreover, even more common cars pregnant women who are not afraid of a nervous and sometimes dangerous situations occurring during busy traffic. Until what time pregnant women can drive a car, and if it is forbidden, in any documents it is possible to esteem.

In fact, according to the laws of the Russian Federation today, there are no restrictions on driving pregnant. If you have no medical contraindications, driving brings you pleasure and you do not feel any changes to the Occupational attention, driving during pregnancy you are allowed.

If you are a novice driver with no experience, it is better to give up driving at the time of pregnancy and even more so do not start learning to drive a car during pregnancy. Firstly: driving for a beginner, it is stress. Moreover, in your condition it is better to avoid. Second, it changes during pregnancy functioning of the whole organism, including the nervous system. It is caused by the release of biologically active substances by the placenta and ovaries, which hamper the work of the cerebral cortex, at the same time activating the brain structure located under the bark. This is beneficial to the course of gestation, but can cause an accident on the road. Experienced drivers whose actions brought to the level of reflexes, pregnancy is not a hindrance. Waiting for baby Can pregnant women drive a car

Many women who are accustomed to travel by car find that they feel much more comfortable while driving than in a crowded public transport. Some even dare to own a car to get to the hospital, believing that it is safer and easier than a taxi.

That is true, if you are driving does not prevent stomach properly fastened seatbelts (it should have under the breasts and abdomen), then you probably will not experience discomfort. The only thing to avoid unpleasant moments on the road, you should pay more attention to the technical condition of the car. In addition, of course, try not to be nervous.

Think over the checkout time in the city, driving directions, try not to drive during rush hour and avoid traffic jams. It is not necessary to carry out driving more than 1 hour. Long sitting in close car can cause stagnation of blood circulation, and prolonged stress when driving on the road causes fatigue. Stock up on phones friends who drive cars and ready to help in difficult times, as well as phone a tow truck.

Finally, a little advice – use the warning signs, which can be attached to the vehicle. Perhaps, then, the rest of the movements will be more attentive and indulgent treat you. Good you pregnancy and childbirth lungs.

Watch this video to check if pregnant women can drive a car:

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