Buying A Car – A Long, Procedure – Stage!

Usually, no one in America does not buy the car at full price. If only the old machine, two thousand, three. Buy either a loan or leasing. Both are possible with a good credit history.

Buying on credit personally, I like more than a lease. When buying auto negotiates with the bank and the buyer pays only part of the price of the machine (it is possible and does not contribute anything), and the rest of the sum is repaid monthly in small “chunks”. For example, for $ 400 a month for three years.

When buying a car leasing, also need to pay a certain amount (usually less than the loan), but after a specified period of time the car you take. That is, you like to take it out, and it is not yours. The bank then sells machines that were in use in the lease. Often sells cheap.

Buying A Car A Long, Procedure Stage!

Old car can be sold both individually and take into showrooms. Independently sell more profitable, but more troublesome. At the pick-up point in the showroom, we can take a new, redeeming the old part of the price. You can buy cars as well as on the ad and in the showroom. According to the announcement, you can find cheaper (for very cheap cars, prices can vary almost twice), but will not give you a loan. In addition, in showrooms frequently update the machine: put new lights, tires, small things.

When buying a car you can haggle. Moreover, not only when buying from the owner, but also when buying a new car in the showroom. In addition, can throw quite a substantial amount. For example, with a starting price of $ 12,000, you can successfully bargain, buy it for 10 thousand. However, it takes a lot of time and effort. Just like that, at once, the seller will give way to two hundred dollars, not more. When you trade, the seller will pretend that he would be happy to reduce the price for such a good person like you, but the firm did not survive. The manager and counsel will 10 times allegedly run it.

Of course, you can get a good discount only on the model for which there is no excessive demand. When went on sale Ford-Focus, we sell them is not what a discount, and in general made money on it.

Of course, not only be allowed to examine, consider, and ride before you buy the machine. Moreover, more than once. Seller interested to sell, so it is not failure, even if you train on 10 machines, and then leave, saying that buy a second time.

More and more people are buying a car over the internet. Those who do not buy – look, read and compare the characteristics of different models. Fortunately, the choice is huge.

Watch this video for more professional tips on buying a new car:

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