How To Choose Your Car: What Is A Better Transmission – Automatic or Manual?

Even experienced motorists are often unable to reach a consensus; a car with a manual transmission is better, with manual or automatic. Until now, a clear answer to this question, but as a rule, many experienced drivers with great experience obviously do not like “automatic transmission”, and this is what they argue their opinion:

The first argument in favor of “the manual” is the fact that cars with automatic transmission are hardly suitable for winter. For example, if the vehicle is stuck in snow, leave it on the machine becomes problematic. Others, however, they argue, while paying attention to the fact that most modern cars equipped with multiple electronic, auxiliary systems, which do not allow the wheels to slip both when starting and during sudden maneuvers. In addition, many of today’s “machine” has a winter mode.

Also the lack of cars with automatic transmission is its expensive maintenance: oil and filter in the “machine” should be changed more frequently than in the “mechanics”. Yes, Repair the automatic transmission can be very expensive. What Is A Better Transmission Automatic or Manual

Cars with automatic midrange accelerated slower than cars with manual transmission. However, with regard to expensive machines, there is the disadvantage in the past. It is also worth considering that the motorists, who choose “automatic”, prefer a hot comfort benefits.

Next on the list of benefits of a manual transmission is efficiency: the machine with “automatic” cost 5-15% more fuel in city mode. Nevertheless, for city gas mileage is the same.

Finally, the price of the car. The average price class cars with automatic transmission are at 1000-2000 dollars more “mechanics”, but in a more expensive segment model with manual transmission is mainly offered either as standard, or in sports versions.

However, despite these shortcomings, in an automatic transmission, there is one very big advantages: in the big cities, where the number of cars is growing, constant traffic jams, the automatic transmission really makes life easier for the driver, who does not need all the time, depending on the speed, pressure the clutch pedal and shift gears. Simply put, driving with an automatic transmission is much easier. Moreover, it often outweigh the disadvantages…

Watch this video for guid to transmission: automatic or manual? 

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