How To Drive Safely: The Basic Rules Of Safe Driving

For Beginners

  1. You cannot learn to ride, if you do not ride. Ideally, the first year you will not ride one. In an extreme case – the plant for a passenger. No girlfriends, dads, moms, brothers, people give advice.
  2. The first two years it will seem to go quite that low speed, and you do not get in an accident. In practice, the novice driver is best to go with the flow rate, carefully looking around.
  3. Good driver from beginner differs only thing he knows how to anticipate the situation. Because the situation is changing at lightning speed, the event “situation assessment and decision” should be carried out continuously. Knowing that with high probability could happen in the next 3-5 seconds, usually it saves lives. To develop such a skill you need a minimum of 5 years of extensive travel (this is not about “how to slow down” and “how to reorganize” and “when to slow down” and “when the reconstructed”).
  4. One of the challenges newcomers – undeveloped peripheral vision. After a few years, you will notice all the ads, all the signs, all the girls and all the holes on the sides. Automatically and involuntarily. Yet – better to look forward and mirrors. How To Drive Safely The Basic Rules Of Safe Driving

About riding

  1. Never get behind the wheel, taking alcohol.
  2. Always wear your driving. Even if you are moving around the yard. Even if you just sit in the car. Do not start motion until all passengers are buckled. My neighbor in the garage and could not gather in pieces when it stands on the side of the road the car driven by a drunk driver.
  3. The most dangerous cover for drive – smooth asphalt, lightly powdered with years of dust and sand, which has just passed the ten-year-old rain. Snow and ice is better – at least you realize that moving on them.
  4. Learn to slow down left leg. Especially if you have worn pads, discs, and over the years has not replaced the brake fluid. In critical situations, always brake left.
  5. Immediately after getting into an accident take a picture of the scene. It can be useful.
  6. Learn to honk only to prevent an accident. It makes it extremely difficult, but possible.

About the traffic regulations

  1. The sign “Give way” does not require you to stop. This symbol means to go so as not to create obstacles (deceleration, braking) of other traffic participants. If you have a powerful car, are usually better to press down the accelerator pedal, it stops.
  2. In the SDA does not say anything about the acceleration. Nobody can forbid you dial the speed limit with the maximum possible acceleration.

Drive safely and stay healthy!

Watch this video to see best tips in safe driving:

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