Auto Insurance Requirements in Oregon – Hints and Tips

Oregon insurance fraud

Every year millions of dollars are lost from the insurance fraud in Oregon. There are stiff penalties and fines for committing insurance fraud, but it is still on the rise. Here are some types of auto insurance fraud:

  • Exaggeration on the claim form.
  • Lying about the cause of the accident.
  • Submission of the report and the requirement of an accident that never actually happened. This is called the “paper” accident.
  • Lying on the application for insurance.
  • Staging accidents.
  • Filing a claim for an accident that actually happened in the past.
  • Hiding the car and inform the “stolen” it to collect on the insurance policy.
  • Padding application form with high tariffs on car repairs, to compensate for the franchise paid.
  • Issuance of a fake insurance policy, or falsified or tampered-with an insurance card.

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Nationally, insurance fraud losses are billions of dollars. Because of this, insurers are forced to pay higher premiums and are the real victims of insurance fraud.

Alcohol related accidents in Oregon

Approximately 350 fatalities occur in Oregon each year. Just over 100 of them are caused by drunk drivers, and account for almost 30 percent of all fatal crashes. Nationally, 65 percent of all fatal crashes are the result of the driver to the level of blood alcohol content (BAC) 0, 08 percent or higher. Oregon has a policy of tolerance literal zero-teen drunk drivers. BAC Limit allowed in drivers under the age of 21 is 0.00 per cent. For drivers of commercial vehicles, the limit is 0.04 percent, and for drivers older than 21 years, it is 0.08 percent.

Oregon Auto Insurance Requirements

All motorists in Oregon are required to carry auto insurance that meets at least the minimum requirements:

  • For bodily injury and property damage per person: 25 000 $
  • For property, damage someone else’s accident: $ 10,000
  • For bodily injury to others for the accident: $ 50,000
  • For personal protection for injuries after an accident cost: $ 15,000
  • For uninsured motorist coverage 25 000 $ per person, $ 50,000 per accident.

Motorists in Oregon are required to carry an insurance policy at any time. If proof of insurance is not provided, it can lead to license suspension, driver penalties and mandatory filing SR-22 UHF.

Check this video to learn more about Auto insurance requirements in Oregon:

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