Auto Insurance In Phoenix – Prices And Required Features

Phoenix Zip code 85017 is the most expensive for car insurance in the city – and it is the most expensive in the state at $ 1,440 per year, on average. analyzed Arizona car insurance rates from six car insurance companies almost every zip code in the state. Let’s talk about the auto insurance in phoenix!

However, even if you live in the most expensive region for car insurance in the state, you can save money by shopping around. No two insurance companies will charge you for the same amount of money for the same policy, as they use a variety of assessment methods. Therefore, if you compare the prices and choose the lowest, you will not pay more. For example, the highest number from any carrier ZIP 85017 for the analysis was $ 2102 – more than twice the lowest ($ 898).

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Here is how Phoenix’s highest average rate ($1,440) compares to others:

  • $671 more than the least expensive average rate ($769) in Arizona, Lake Havasu City ZIP code 86403
  • $419 more than the state average ($1,021)
  • $209 more than the national average rate ($1,231)

Cheapest car insurance in Phoenix

The lowest liability insurance limits your car insurer offers the cheapest insurance policy you can buy. It will state the minimum required to drive legally. In Arizona (written as 15/30/10), which means that your liability insurance will pay up to the car:

  • $ 15,000 for injuries you cause to other
  • $ 30,000 per accident
  • $ 10,000 for damage you cause to cars and property of other people

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Auto Insurance In Phoenix – Best Car Insurance in Phoenix

Best car insurance coverage, as a rule, is not the cheapest. You can sue if you are in an accident and your insurance will not cover all losses. This means that your home or savings could be in jeopardy. In order to protect your assets, you have to buy liability insurance in the following amounts:

  • $ 100,000 to pay for the medical bills of others
  • $ 300,000 to pay for other injuries in an accident you cause
  • $ 100,000 to pay for the damage caused to other people’s property

You should also consider buying these additional coatings:

  • Comprehensive, which replaces the stolen cars and car covers damage from flood, fire, hail, vandalism.
  • The collision, which pays for damage to your car accident.

If you have a new car model, it makes sense to get insurance coverage and collision coverage. In Arizona, the complex cost $ 181 and a collision is $ 255 per year on average, according to the Information Security Institute. These additional cover supplied with the franchise. That is the amount you pay before your insurance company pays. Typical deductibles amount of $ 1,000, $ 500 and $ 250 – you choose which one you want. The higher the deductible, the lower your rate will be. Let’s call it a day with the prices and features of auto insurance in phoenix.

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