Auto Insurance in Arizona – Is There Anything New?


Auto Insurance in Arizona is a serious thing to deal with. Arizona already has recognized the cruelest punishment DUI in the country. If you are charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in the Grand Canyon state, the only way you will be able to pass this by installing an ignition interlock device in your car for a year, even if it is your first offense.

Arizona DUI Laws

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In 2007, Arizona DUI laws were tightened in part, to help reduce the number of DUI victims. Since the laws were put in place, a fatal DUI plunged by 46 percent while it dropped 20 percent in the rest of the country.
Earlier ignition interlock device was intended only for persons convicted of extreme or repeat DUI. However, the current legislation requires locking device for all DUI offenders.

Severe penalties for the first time criminals

If you stop and have a blood alcohol content (BAC) above .08, you will be considered a DUI. First time violators face the following penalties:

  • Jail. Imprisonment is 10 consecutive days in jail. The court may suspend the 9 out of 10 days, if you agree to get an alcohol evaluation and / or drugs and submit to treatment.
  • Small and additional costs. You will receive a $ 250 fine, plus additional tax. In addition, you will be assessed $ 500 for an agreement to defer prosecution (DPA), as well as other fees of $ 500, which is in Arizona Prison Building Fund.
  • Suspension of license. Road Department will suspend your license for 90 days.

Advising. If recommended in your assessment and you want the judge to suspend all but 1 day in prison, you will need to go through consultation.
Penalties for the second violation is more serious, as the penalty for that BAC above .15, which is considered “extreme.” If your BAC registers at .20 percent or higher, it is considered a “super extreme” and you will be required to serve a mandatory 45 days in jail.
In Arizona, if you drink, do not drive!

Minimum requirements

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You are required under Arizona law to have insurance with liability limits of at least 15/30/10. This means:

  • $15,000 – bodily injury for one person
  • $30,000 – bodily injury total for one accident
  • $10,000 – property damages

Auto Insurance in Arizona – Proof of insurance

Insurance companies notify the Arizona MVD all policy cancellations, non-renewals and new policies. Failure to maintain adequate insurance could lead to the suspension of your vehicle registration and / or driver’s license.

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