helen-adamsHello, my name is Helen Adams. I’m from Iowa. I became interested in cars at the age of 16 years old when my father began to teach me to drive a car. For 18 years I have read various articles about cars, about caring for them, and also about car insurance with pleasure. Insurance is the most interesting aspect for me.

When I first sat behind the wheel, I realized that this is what I really like. It’s great to have the opportunity to go to any place at the desired time. However, riding in a car is not always safe. Everyone thinks, “Oh, I never embedding in someone”, etc. Our life is most precious in this world, so careful driving and good car insurance – this is what we need!

Our legislation is constantly changing, new auto insurance rates and how to cover the uninsured. It is my interest, and I want to share these useful and necessary things to people!

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